Darlene R. May

Ph.D., Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, Indiana University Bloomington
Retired Teaching Professor in Arabic
Email: maydr@wfu.edu

We invite you to read the Teacher-Scholar Legacy: Darlene May, which highlights Darlene’s career and impact on the program!

Courses Taught
On the WFU Reynolda Campus:
ARB 111, 112.  Elementary Arabic I and II
ARB 153, 201.  Intermediate Arabic I and II
ARB 221, 222.  Colloquial Egyptian Arabic Conversation I and II
ARB 302.  Special Topics:  Reading the Quran in Arabic
FYS 100.  Egypt: Cradle of Civilization, Center of Arab-Muslim Culture

At the WFU Summer Study Abroad Program in Fez, Morocco:
REL 362.  Special Topics: Islam in Morocco