First-Year Arabic

Fall Semester – ARB 111  Elementary Arabic I (3h)

Spring Semester – ARB 112 Elementary Arabic II (3h)

Second-Year Arabic

Fall Semester – ARB 153 Intermediate Arabic I (3h)

Spring Semester – ARB 201 Intermediate Arabic II (3h)

Third-Year Arabic

Fall Semester – ARB 230 Upper Intermediate Arabic I (3h)

Spring Semester – ARB 231 Upper Intermediate Arabic II (3h)

Fourth-Year Arabic

Fall Semester – ARB 301 Advanced Arabic I (3h)

Spring Semester – ARB 302 Advanced Arabic II (3h)

Courses in the Arabic Content and Culture

ARB 218 Standard Arabic Conversation I. (3h)
ARB 219 Standard Arabic Conversation II. (3h)
ARB 221 Colloquial Arabic Conversation I. (3h)
ARB 222 Colloquial Arabic Conversation II. (3h)
ARB 288 Individual Study in Arabic (1.5h or 3h)
ARB 305 Special Topics in Arabic. (3h)
ARB 306 Special Topics in Arabic Studies (3h)
ARB 324 Introduction to Arabic Literature. (3h)
ARB 325 Multimedia Arabic. (3h)

Arab-Islamic Literature, Culture, and Civilization Classes Taught in English

ARB 350 Classical Arab-Islamic Civilization through Literature. (3h)
ARB 351 The Modern Arab World through Literature. (3h)